In Torino upon invitation to participate in BIGTorino 2002 e-Xplo proposed two projects which are described below:


Open Channel


Project: rISO AROMA
Dates : April 19th through May 10
Torino, Italy (as part of BIG Torino 2002 International Biennial of Young Art, more information on the website

Artisti visivi e musicisti reinterpretano Torino ri-leggendo le architetture e le tradizioni cittadine attraverso una col-onna sonora composta da flash di film realizzati in cittą e personali evocazioni dei luoghi visitati. Il pubblico Ź invitato a salire sul bus musicale degli e-Xplo per tour notturni durante i week-end.

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e-Xplo in Torino.

Architecture and the city are given a comic mode - a lighter way to be experienced, quite distinct from art gallery reverence. For BIG, e-Xplo combined music, multi-language dialogues from specific movies and closely microphoned details that are foregrounded within a bus tour as aural stage. By contrast, there is little of the background, obfuscating rumble of the city. As such, the live sound performances offer an urban construction variously composed from 'real' and synthesised sounds, chance operations and improvised performances.

An important aspect of their performance is not just the sound itself that reworks architecture, but the way people receive sound. Playfully commenting on the cinematic experience where vision tends to place one at the margin of the frame, where one notices only what happens in front of one's eyes, sound tends to place us at the center, where we become more aware of what is happening all around. Sitting in a bus touring through torino, sound becomes subversive, flowing outside the bounded visual system imposed by architecture. The effect, particularly as the aural city stage changes more rapidly than the visual city platform, is to impose a different rhythm on to the visual and physical rhythm of the city, leading to layering, interweaving and discontinuity.

Rhythms conjoin with other rhythms in films - visual, comedic, narrative, spatial - to create a complex rhythm world where each film has its own life, yet also feeds off others. This is not a sound score in the manner of a comprehensive film. Nor is it simply settings where events exist in their own right. Rather than simply reading the city by looking at it, e-Xplo suggests a sonorous engagement between people, movies, memory, and architecture. e-Xplo's bus tour becomes a place of reflections, utterances, noises, rhythms, journeys, exchanges, while it gives an understanding of alternative ways of moving through cities.

Project: Open Channel
Dates :
Various locations in and around Torino

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The idea of opening e-xplo to other poeple and serving as a platform for innovative ideas/experimentation was spun almost 2 years ago. Since that initial statement, we wondered wheter we could live up to that formulation or just erase this paragraph from our manifesto.

The knot finally untied during our stay in Torino. BIG supported our idea of organizing public sound events which would feature local musicians. Out of this attempt grew an unforgettable encounter that literally rocked a neighborhood.

On Tuesday April 23 we parked our bus in front of the university and started the generator at noon. During the afternoon a lineup of dj's and live musicians worked the systems. (thanx to: plasticflowers, pulsar, willi, and their guests). At 5 pm "my cat is an alien" arrived. (For those who are not familiar with their guitar sound go and get their lastest album immediately!) later that day fabrizio, a musician that has been recommendent to us by our dear friend Mr. Dean Roberts showed up with his guitar and numerous electrical devices (such as a magnificant silver bullet) and along with him 3 other guitarists with their amps. After the aliens took a break a 5guitarist ensemble transformed Palazzo Nuovo into a rockstage and we perpared for a mind- (and ear) blowing noise and feedback session. Thanks to all of our guest performers!!! And sorry for those who missed it.

p.s. It would be a big suprise if e-xplo would not find itself on a bus with some of these guys soon.
(more details about project and location TBA)

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