Project: My Lodging and Some Others
Dates : Jan-Feb 2004
Club Transmediale + Transmediale (Berlin)

The savage political failures of our time, of any time (humanitarian failures after all, are also political ones), must have something to do with a rekindled interest in imagining other trajectories, possibilities, or spaces of hope. Nevertheless, the very process of arriving at Utopia, of imagining, runs into problems that city and urban planners face, which is that the imagined city, even when realized is always different from the one inhabited and lived in. Drawing from and working with a variety of sources including texts, maps, films, interviews, field research and audio recordings, e-Xplo (Heimo Lattner, Erin McGonigle, Rene Gabri) develops projects which address specific issues related to chosen sites of inquiry.

For Berlin, e-Xplo takes a number of passengers on a carefully mapped journey through nocturnal Berlin inside a tour-bus. Not only does e-Xplo resituate the site of electro-acoustic sound performance in direct relation and confrontation with the city, its architecture and inhabitants, but also in doing so, they transform the ordinary bus tour into a navigable cinema.

To Download the script (in German)
for the tour click here
funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Dates: 31.01.-04.02.
Departure: 20 h, Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Arrival: Maria am Ostbahnhof & Haus der Kulturen
der Welt
Tickets: 7 Euro/Please note: accreditations are not
valid for this tour.
Duration: app. 90-120 min
Advanced booking: Haus der Kulturen der Welt,
Tel.++49(0) 30 39 78 71 75
Limited seating


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