Part 2: The Crisis (the destination is the "within reach"

Several times on the train in question, guarding a flock of windows, between geographical areas, with no reason for ideological commitment. Holiday from history - catastrophes going on elsewhere. Editing, rewinding, mostly forwarding, assembiling, pasting, mostly cutting, forgetting, and continuing on with the story. A flow. A sequence. A continuum of conditions.  An accumulation of images with no farewell in sight. All these smooth doubts Iíve been developing over time. Dislocated and timeless. I wish Iíd been over that. Hosts and hospitalities. This is a year when a word has come to obsess me. Another one on my personal spellcheck. It tends to be one of the words I use and think about often. I look it up in dictionaries to discover itís roots. The need to be somewhere else, or better: exileration.

But why place so much importance on this word?   (Pay attention, a large crowd is passing by!)

Flashback. No resistance, no play, no access to anything but to the access.  No authenticity (ok this word is out of fashion, but all the more reason to use it), no accountability ( what for?), only stylistic games to be played (ooh, what style?).
It would seem that changes in the rules seem to be my closest experience of reality.
Assumptions about  change tell me what I believe the change is supposed to bring, which in turn reveals much about what I believe I am supposed to do.
And again, the rooms I inhabit become transitrooms, everything (everyone) is moving. The everyday  is meant to convey a sort of  structured mobility, constructing a space that includes forms and trajectories of movement (change) and stability (agency).
Journeying: a spacial movement. What has been sold to me is the actual change of place itself. Mobility - a privilage? The citizen/alien as refugee or exile or travelerÖ organizes his desires and dreams of belonging by re:presenting a certain range of experiences, thereby offering the possibility for deep, affective investment among a community of
like-minded others?
Is space being really subsumed by time?  Is there a new logic of space that requires even greater contestation than in the past? Maybe contestation is what is required. Then one would have to consider the strategies involved within the contestation and the role of thought within those strategies.  To think no longer means to define, rather to arrange, to connect, to make possible, to give space to...
And thus I arrive in the same place I was just trying to depart from.
At the edge of a forest of gray laurel.

[Insert1: Musashi, the classical theorist of kendo (japanese sword combat) states that
by knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist-thatís the void.. where there is nothing.]
{Summary: There is this other idea, they were talking about it at the Greek deli near the Waschsalon.  Something referring to circular thrust, something about no voids, just the displacement of one thing or substance for another.  I was confused by the whole thing}

Displacement is a nice heading.
You expect to hear the crippling effects of your leaving town, meaning the inevitable details of broken hearts, mine or theirís?
The moment you think you are experiencing the present, Iíve already moved on to the future.  And that future is now.
A footnote should be inserted here on Bergson, but you should do the research yourself.
This moment now is superseded by the next now and the next nowÖ. And in turn I find myself having to shout because I donít know exactly how far away you are, how difficult it will be for you to hear me.

[Insert 2: The Blade Runner metropolis_  the Blade Runner metropolis, a nomadic immersion where the images of the city are constructed to diffuse the urban objects and spaces through a deliberate suspension of perspectival laws. In these streetscapes there is always the sensation of being underneath or between spaces. The viewer is continuously in the position of an urban nomad/flaneur.]

I seem to have misplaced my glasses again.  Iíll be right back. In case I get lost, call 718-388-1809.
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