Some Recent Scripts
In addition to recording and producing sound, e-Xplo has been involved extensively in mapping areas and constructing visual and text based "narratives" confronting the specific sites of our tours.

In addition to the Picnolepsy Script which you can find on the bottom of this page, we will be posting a few of our newer scripts in the coming weeks.

Below we have posted the script for Found Wanting:
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For more information on the Found Wanting tour and text please
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To Download the script (in German) for My Lodging and Some Others
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For more information on the Berlin tour please click here

Publics . Modes . And Exchange

We like walking as much as we do swimming in the sea. (August 2003)

The paths we follow through the "inbetween spaces"( see interview with Stephen Morton) do not need to be only on the outskirts of the city they can be in its center, but still remaindistinct. Timeless reality? Which lines? (..that sweep thought along in the wake of the movement of things? N.N)

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Home away from Home 

"Home away from Home" is a writing project undertaken by e-Xplo not as a supplement to our work, but as a work, a work with text.

Part 1. The Hypothetical Situation

Part 2. The Crisis (the destination is the "within reach")

3: Interview with cultural critic Steven Morton

Steven: The word dencity denotes not only spatial density÷as in the density of urban planning -- but also embeds the noun Īdenā and perhaps a different notion of dwelling. I was wondering what different connotations the den within the city might imply? (M Websterās dictionary not only notes the sense of an animalās lair, but also a hideout, a center of secret activity and a squalid dwelling. How exactly do these alternative spatial meanings operate within the word Density/ Dencity and the project as you imagine it?

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4: A short note about the bus tours

In Fall of 2000, e-Xplo began to work on a public art project that manifested itself as part bus tour, part electro-acoustic music performance and part public talks.  e-Xplo started to build on that original project/idea by creating tours for different sites.

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5: Picnolepsy Script

In the Spring of 2002, e-Xplo initiated a work that would for the first time take place in Manhattan. Invited to produce a work that would be performed at Roulette, e-Xplo took on the context of Lower Manhattan and the events which had taken place in and above those streets only months before. Instead of linking directly with September 11th, e-Xplo instead used material descriptions of the massacres which took place in Sabra and Chatila( link to Robert Fisk article reporting on the massacres)

Source material included sounds/texts from various films including "While the City Sleeps", "Escape from New York", "Taxi Driver", "Manhattan", "Red Desert", "Armageddon", "Chronicle of a Love", "On the Water Front", "My Dinner with Andre",+ many others... as well as texts by Sam Shepard, Jean-Franois Lyotard, Jean-Luc Nancy, as well as original material created / composed / written by the artists.

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