Project: Domestic Disturbance; Fight or Flight; or Shelter
Dates : September 13 2002
Audio-Installation (16mm Film)

An old war bunker situated in the heart of the "new" Berlin is the starting point for a multi-faceted work dealing with the intersections between among other things, history, berlin-techno, politics, war, real estate, and the subject.

The bunker represents a crossroad, where these different threads meet, intersect, and infer a multiplicity of choices. This work is an attempt to develop a vocabulary for this silent - overdetermined space (the bunker) contaminated by history, using words, sounds, and images. Well aware that words/images can be reversed, obfuscated, forgotten, replaced by new ones, e-Xplo also considers the possibly less maleable, less reversable course of lives that intersect the conditions represented by these words/images.

Dislocated , mislocated, anonymous, personal, impersonal, facts, fictions, lullabies, deep beats, different sounds, various soundtracks, accompanying and at times antagonizing what is another e-Xplo attempt to re-situate conventions of cinematic and music/audio intake.


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